Facilities – what we have, where we are going:

We currently have available for our members basic items for crafting (work space, scissors, markers, tape, paint, brushes, nails, glue and an assortment of small hand tools, etc.); work areas including pottery, stained glass, mosaic, framing, candle making, leather working, furniture finishing, woodworking and a whole lot more!

For larger projects, we have 12 sewing machines, mat cutter, silk screening frames, cutting knives, electrical hand tools, metal shears, 4 Cricut cutters.

A photography studio is rentable with paper and material/prop backgrounds, small object table, soft boxes, reflectors, flashes, and a store full of items to stage with.

For more advanced work:

3 Table saws

2 Jointers

12″ planer

4 lathes (bowl, 2 standard & mini)

2 compound miter saws

4 band saws

2 drill presses

4 circular saws

2 sawzalls

3 jigsaws

4 sanders

Air nailers and staplers

3 glass and tile cutting saws

paint sprayers.

4 kilns and pottery wheel

stained glass saws, grinders and tools

7 3D Printers