How it works


Membership with Share Create Reuse and Promote is a great way for people who care about creative reuse and ultimately, assisting kids getting arts and culture in their lives.


As a member, you become part of our special local community. You get access to shared tools, workspace, a library and expertise in helping you make things. Individuals, families and makers will find it very affordable and fun to come down and do things they can’t always do without having to buy the extra equipment. From arts and craft projects, small home improvements to assisting you launching an artistic career, you will find this place exciting, creative and a great happy place.


We can’t operate on just donations, we need more involvement to keep this happy place available and affordable. We ask members to contribute monthly dues or donate time to help others. Whether you drop in now and then, weekly, or want to set up your studio here, we have different plans available.


Day pass – $5

Just stopping in? This level is great for folks who want to come by periodically to make or fix something, try out a new hobby, or have a great date day.


Basic – $50/month

You’re a regular! Best for individuals who want 5 days a month access, and entry to 1 of our regular classes each month to try out different things and borrow books from our library.


Family – $75/month

Same access as the basic plan, but for families.  Best for after-school users, or to have family days on the weekends.  5 days a month access, entry to 1 of our classes each month to try out different things, library access.


Maker – $75/month

For makers with limited time, but needs more shop access. 5 days a month access, entry to 1 of our classes each month, full shop access.


Maker+ $100

You’re a dedicated part time maker! At this level, your membership is directly supporting our programs and making it possible to do wonderful things!  We’re grateful to you for helping to support the space!

3 days per week, full shop access, tool storage.


We offer studio licenses for $125 & $250 per month, and have a photo studio available for  half or full day rental $75/$125.


We also offer programs for individuals and families with limited resources. We are here for you – our community.  We will make it work for You!


Why should I sign up as a member?


  1. It’s really cheap. It’s the only place in Billings where you can make so many different things, and make a difference in our community at the same time.
  2. Its affordable.  We have a member level that can fit any situation.
  3. It lets us offer stuff for free. $50 pays for supplies for 10 kids to come to after school one day for free. $75 lets us hire a local artist to come run a workshop during Saturday Open creative day. $125 lets us acquire more tools that we can share.
  4. It’s a way for YOU to take a direct role in growing Share Create Reuse and Promote. When you sign up as a member, you buy into a community-supported network of people who want to make and do and learn things — kids, parents, staff, and volunteers, all of whom are committed to keeping those programs affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to take part. We can’t do it alone, and we need your help to make it great!


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay dues to be a member?  No. We need volunteers also.  Can you teach a class? Are you available to help when we offer classes or have events? Do you have a specialty you can help out with from time to time, like sorting yarn or material, different craft items or bolts and hinges? Do you have extra tools that you no longer need?  However, we ask all people who want to do more than just buy art and craft materials or something from our Upcycle Boutique to sign up as a member.


What does the dues really provide?   If you need access to tools, a library, want to try a new hobby at home, you usually have to buy the extra books, tools and equipment along with the materials.  Here we have a lot of the tools and equipment that can be shared, saving you the expense, a growing library, along with the expertise to assist you.  If you use our programs and classes regularly, value them highly, and are in a position to support them financially or by sharing your knowledge, consider donating to a higher membership to keep us in the community.  The dues supports getting the working tools we need to support the classes – such as saw blades, nails, glue, paint, glue sticks, and the little necessities that keep a crafty shop open.


Why do you need members? You have a bunch of grant funding, right?   Our programs are almost entirely community-supported — we receive essentially no funding from grants, foundations, corporations, etc. And the ones we have applied for take time to develop, and are usually slated for special projects, scholarships or unique situations.


We are small and local and we try to do it all ourselves and need the continued financial or volunteer support of our community to keep the doors open, the space staffed, our instructors fed, and the shelves filled with interesting materials.


Why is it set up this way?
This is modeled after some of the best and longest running makerspaces in the country.  We have done our research thoroughly and want to make sure Billings gets the best of the best. Bottom line – makerspaces work, Billings is asking for and needs one, because it works for the community and the community wants to support it.


What if I wanted to do more than just a membership?  Contact our Executive, Development or Educational Director, let’s set up a meeting. We have business memberships for your employees to participate, or maybe a sponsorship for your Cause Marketing Program.  We do have a Major Gift Donor plan where we can work out a legacy or an anonymous arrangement. All major monetary donations go back to this local community you and your family lives in.