Traditions- Top Ten “Affordable” Dad Gifts… (part 2)

Moderation means different things to different people, as well as families, and to some extent, even whole cultures. It’s an elusive gage, with boundaries that can be strict to minimalistic; the needle can swing tight in one direction, then be all over the place in another; and in some cases it can be so wide it comes with its own certificate of self-ordained-entitlement.


In our family the moderation needle was taught with a lesson- “When you are responsible enough to get a job and make your own money, you can buy your own things.  Until then, we buy the things we need first that last the longest.”


And for the most part I didn’t mind or notice – except when Dad took us shopping.


“Does it fit?” my Dad would say. “Now put your hands in your pockets. Its not too tight, right?” as he grabbed a belt loop on the side and yanked at it.


I hated when Dad took us boys down to get jeans and shoes. His voice still echoes in my ear “If it fits and not to snug, then that’s what we’re getting. It’s more important they fit, because looks don’t last as long”.


“Ok, now stand up and push your heel all the way to the back” his voice would say in a mellow tone.


“Shoes are a little more important about the fit.  If your feet hurt or have blisters, then you will be miserable all day and that’s not good.”


He then does that quick nod thing with the head and would say “Now just make sure there’s half an inch extra in the front. If they’re too loose you can always wear an extra sock.”


Dad wasn’t much for father’s day (or birthday) gifts either.  When we asked if there was anything he wanted, he would just say “Save your money. Sitting with my family at the dinner table is all I need.”  But we always noticed at the store when he looked at a wrench set he didn’t have and needed, or at the weed wicky he thought would make cutting weeds easier when they first came to market.  So that is usually what he got with five signatures on one card.


This next top ten Father’s Day Gift list are the lower ended popular items from the previous post, and they can fit within most budgets.


Wine bottle recorker for slow sipping save the two buck chuck Dads $350


Vinyl set of 9 Dylan records for the favorite iPad only kinda daydreamer Dad $200


Look cool wave in the air chop chop ouch Chef Dad knife – $200


Analog radio with old fashioned dial and latest Bluetooth $200


Custom famous name brand low riding sporty 3 stripe golf shoes in the shape of a tennis shoe that has supper comfy sole (for walking on grass, or sand, but with shoestrings so you still have to empty out the sand and tie them up). And colors like – white/flash/pink/mineral/blue – on the same shoe-seriously. sorry- no returns if shoe gets wet or grass stains, or laughed at…. $200


Leather driver’s gloves so he feels like he’s in a corvette as he drags his Custom Dodge 2500 with deer grill in Walmart parking lot with his kids in the back seat Dad $120


Huge yes they still print things on paper surfing history book with funny pictures $200


Latest amateur makes you look like a pro stylish tennis racquet $200


Single serve k-cup coffee maker even he can do it brewer $100


Aluminum growler for beer tasting Dad that he leaves for mom to clean $60


As an alternative, we have a family membership plan available, bring Dad down here and sign up.  We have all kinds of shared tools and space for both of you to do a project together!

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