When we have the privilege and ability to enrich a person’s life,
We not only make an impact, we can make change for generations to come;
We find a way to do it because it is our responsibility.

This is the SCRaP Why.

Our goal at SCRaP is to be that place- the place where artistic abilities can be explored and encouraged, to keep art accessible and affordable for all, the space for a creative community to develop, shared resources to help others become sustainable in their passion, and to help everyone who visits succeeds.

SCRaP was founded in 2015 and received 501c3 status in 2017.

We are a Creative Art Center and Makerspace. We take in donations of anything a creative person can use to make affordable art and craft supplies for all; we provide a shared space, tools, equipment and knowledge for creative people and entrepreneurs. We outreach to younglings to help their creative minds.

Mission Statement: “To keep art accessible and affordable for all”

Some of the things we have accomplished in the past 5 years include:

After intensive research in the Billings and Montana educational community, we discovered that School District 2 does not get formal art education until the 4th grade, or a music program until 5th grade. Only some schools have qualified art instructors, and there is no budget to provide for any art supplies in the earlier grades.  Teachers usually seek donations or pay for the art supplies out of their pocket to support the kids.

To make the greatest impact on our community without duplicating services, we created our SCRaPpin SMART program to address the needs the school system used to provide but can’t due to budget cuts. This is an open program which takes STEM to STEAM by adding back the arts to the school curriculum.


Our Outreach and Partnerships

  • We launched the SCRaPpin Kidz art programs for Broadwater, Sandstone, Burlington and Poly Drive and the SCRaPpin Learn program for Lockwood.
  • We offer school tours and crafting days. Distant schools like Laurel Middle School, Lockwood, Billings Christian School, Huntley and as far as Cowley Wyoming have visited us!
  • Provided outreach summer art programs for Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and Billings Parks and Recreation.
  • Art programs for Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, COR Enterprise, Youth Dynamics, Eagle Mount.
  • Partnered with ZONTA to bring art to the ladies of Passages.
  • Partnered with HRDC and HRDC/WEX to provide job skills/positions for families in need and youths at risk
  • Partnered with Better Billings Foundation to promote their Booknook free library program while offering volunteer opportunities for 4-H Club, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
  • Partnered with Riverstone Health on Healthy by Design South Side Community Awareness.
  • Partnered with Family Tree, Child Bridge, CLDI and Wise Wonders Children’s Museum.
  • SCRaPtacular exhibit at Montana Fair going on its Fourth year, sharing facilities with other nonprofit groups.
  • We support the Montana Arts Council MAP program, providing a place and resources for local artists to learn about the business side of the arts.
  • We have the largest 3D Printer Makerspace in Billings, offering classes and mentorship.
  • We have supported entrepreneur meetups and will expanding to offer an Incubator and Shared Office space.

We developed a philanthropic partnership with other youth-at-risk services to raise awareness and funds for these organizations.  To date, we have helped raise over $172,000 for other local services and individuals helping youth-at-risk!

We believe the time is right now for us to spread our awareness of the impact that SCRaP is having in our community and the only way to do this is through our connections in the community. We hope you will consider joining and supporting us to help grow in 2021-2022.