Glass Recycling Membership

We are pleased to announce our Glass Recycling Program. This program will help youth-at-risk here in our community. We have reached out to several other local non-profits that provide basic needs for teenagers who have life altering circumstances and just need a little extra help.  The proceeds from the program will be used to provide scholarships and basic essentials for local high school students that are in need of financial assistance. The program also provides part time work for students to gain employment and community service skills.

The glass we recycle will be used for creative art and crushed into sand which can be used for sandbags and non-structural concrete applications.

Membership Details:
One-time fee of $25, and $5 drop-off fee every time you bring your glass to us.

The $25 will allow SCRaP to purchase 2 blue recycle bins.  You will receive one and when you bring your recyclable glass, we will exchange an empty tub with your full one.

Type of glass we take:
CLEAN food jars, beverage, wine, beer and alcohol bottles (please remove any plastic or aluminum bottle seals). No need to remove labels.  We will also take the corks, metal and plastic lids. Tubs that have uncleaned jars and bottles will be refused.

We are not taking memberships at this time.  Please leave a message here to get notification when we are taking more members.  Thank You!.