Independence Day

Today is a day of remembrance. For those who believed in us, fought for us, and died for us.

Today  is a day we are supposed to celebrate how we earned our freedom.


Today we are not at war with the world, but are at war with losing our self respect and respect for others.

Today we are not afraid of tyranny, but we continue to run from terrorism.


Today we won’t give up our guns for world peace because we believe it’s our right to own one.

Today we have  memories of students shooting others because we didn’t take responsibility for the guns.


Today we have become accustomed to feed at the expense of others, feeling entitled to get our free meal.

Today we use our laws allow us to win a livelihood by taking the property of our neighbors by suing them..


Today we don’t take responsibility for neighbors who have nothing, but we pride ourselves in how we donate to the world.

Today we take what we want to indulge our appetites, regardless of the larger consequences for the whole community.


Today we critisize the poor and adicted, yet we pad our retirement from investing in the manufacturers

Today we penalize our people by fining them if they don’t have insurance, while our intertnational neighbors have free medical.


Today we create new drugs and genetically altered food  that poison our bodies so we can make more money.

Today we invest in the false assumption that drugs are the cure to fix our pain, then complain because we can’t afford them.


Today we critisize the choice our neighbors make for the presidential race, but we just sit back and do nothing to get involved.

Today we let the media tell us what they think we should hear, instead of researching ourselves to make our own choices.


Today we complain because we don’t have enough, or because someone has more.

Today we fight the little battles between us, creating more issues and stress then they ever had in the past.

Today we forget how we got here and gloat about all our stuff we own.



Today we should be educating the young about the value of freedom, and that freedom comes with great responsibility.


Today we should be thankful for what we have- the ability to think, to grow, to enrich our lives.


Today we should be grateful for having the ability to choose.


Today should be remembered as the day we give back, like those who gave for us.


Today is about respect and responsibility of our Freedoms.



The Daily Creative

See what you want in your mind.  See yourself having it now, not in the future, not even a little bit in the future.  If you see it in the future, in the future is where it will tend to stay.


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