To keep our promise of “Making Art Affordable for All” we provide sponsorships for those in need through our SCRaPpin SMART programs currently at the following schools: Broadwater, Burlington, Poly Drive, Sandstone, Washington and Lockwood Elementary. By the generosity of our donors, we have been able to help over 1200 children and students with sponsorships for craft projects in the Billings Area. 

It is estimated that one out of every three children in Billings does not have the financial ability to attend the programs offered by YMCA, Boys and Girls Club and the Billings Parks And Recreation Department. Nearly 50% of the children that do attend are there because of sponsorship by generous donors.

We have similar beliefs as these other great services that no child should be left out, so we also provide sponsorships. But, we are primarily funded by retail sales and classes, not by grants & fundraising.  Our sponsorships come from generous donors such as you.

We ask you to join us and help keep art in front of every child in the Billings area.  With your help we can continue on our mission.

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